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Random Cool Car: Porsche Carrera GT

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. In fact, this is something I haven’t seen EVER! I popped my Carrera GT cherry today at Best Buy Aiea. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was. But it’s even more sexy in person as well. This is, IMO, the greatest German hyper-car (Audi R8 5.2 non-withstanding).

What got me wondering is: what kinda guy parks a 450K hyper-car in the first stall on a busy day? I swear, I saw a Chevy Tahoe parking next to it, and I had to hold my breath. Still, I give him (the owner) credit for actually USING it as a car, rather than having it locked up and under cover.


2 responses to “Random Cool Car: Porsche Carrera GT

  1. eseer March 24, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    CEEEENNNNTTTTEEERERRRRRR LUUUUGGGGGG!!!!!!! haha, man, i would have just sat infront of his cars for days until he came out. then asked him for a shoot πŸ™‚

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