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Porsche 918 Spyder

I don’t normally comment on concepts. Or hybrids. Porsche has changed that.

Porsche reviled their 918 Spyder concept at the Geneva Auto Show going on this week. And here’s the important bit: it’s a hybrid! I know I know, but before you roll your eyes (oh wait, you already have) hold the phone! The main power comes from a V8 motor mounted in the rear producing up to 500hp. The hybrid part? Two electric motors, one for each axle, add another 218 HP to the mix. That’s a total of 718HP if you bad at math! The numbers? How bout 0-62 in 3.2 Seconds, and a top speed of 198 MPH (theoretical numbers of course). And to keep the eco-mentalists happy, it also does all this will achieving a theoretical 78 MPG! I’m not quite sure exactly how it works, but the theory is that the electric motors can power each axle depending on the situation to help keep it efficient, and then the big V8 can kick in when you fancy a little go. And if you fancy A LOT of go, everything can power the car at once, two electric motors plus the big V8.
Now Porsche say it’s only a concept, but my god it’s such a good-looking thing.  It looks like the next Carrera GT (well actually it looks a lot like the LAST Carrera GT, but you know about Porsche’s design philosophy). And, it’s only the size of the Boxster. What really gets me is the application of the hybrid drivetrain here. I know we (me included) berate hybrids like the Prius and the Insight, but I feel that if it’s adapted like this, bring um on! Seriously, it’s an easy concept in theory, and I don’t see why it can’t be put into production. And to me, this 918 Spyder looks a lot more like a production car rather than a concept. On the horizon soon? I sure hope so. Oh yeah, almost forgot, word is Ferrari is working on a hybrid as well. The war goes on!


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