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HellaFAIL: Tsunami Kings!

So you may have heard about the ‘Tsunami” that happened this past Saturday. Well, me and friend of the blog Reese weren’t gonna let that stop us for getting a chance to shoot!

You may have heard about the HellaFlush thing that was supposed to have gone down on Saturday. However, because the venue was literally on the water, we were forced to move it to the next day. The problem? I had to work the next day and there was no way I could get off, and Reese was flying out in the morning. Reese tried his best to get the Fatlace guys to bump it to Saturday night, but no go. So the solution? HellaFAIL: Tsunami Kings!

Reese called a bunch of people and up, and about 50 cars showed up at CORP for a small meet. Call it a preview! All in all, glad me and him were able to salvage something from that stupid day.

I was trying out all sorts of new shit for this meet as far as photography. As you can see, I began dabbling with HDR again. And while I’m still not satisfied with the results, they’re alright. Also, Reese was kind enough to let me borrow two of his lenses. The first was his 50mm 1.8:

I have to say: MAN, I love this lens. Its so super sharp! I think it’s the best lens for car-photography, well, for the style I do anyway. And I also thought it was a lot more expensive then it actually is, but when Reese told me the price, well let’s just say I’ll be making an order the BH on payday this Friday…
He also let me use the 17-40mm 4L:

Needless to say this lens is really sharp too. I initially thought it was much better then my 17-85mm F3.5, but after uploading the pics, under certain conditions (i.e. me getting the settings right for once) the lens proved much sharper then my 17-85. It’s a really great lens, but I’m still on the fence about wether I want to pick one up or not. And now that I HAVE to get the 50mm, I may opt to not buy this lens after all (unless I find a deal of course!)…

And I should add, I’m disappointed NOT for missing HellaFlush itself, but I’m more so disappointed I wasn’t able to help out the rest of the Speedhawaii crew. I really wanted to be there as a member of SH, but luck just wasn’t on my side this weekend. For the record, I think the whole HellaFlush and Fatlace thing is all tredny bull-crap, and I for one don’t buy into it. I’m honestly looking forward MORE to the upcoming FHB Auto Show later this year, and didnt really care about HF. But I still wanted to cover it for Speedhawaii. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Enjoy the rest of my pics here at my Flickr!


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