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EuroSunday Photo-Meet

Check out my pics from the EuroSunday meet this past Saturday (yeah i know, EuroSunday on a Saturday?)!

So the boys over at decided to create a Honolulu chapter for the popular automotive gathering, and I was there to cover the first meet. The original plan was to hold it at Kakaako Waterfront Park, however it seems another organization beat us to the park. So a change of plans was in order, and we all moved over to Fishermen’s Warf. Before long, European’s of all shapes and sizes began rolling in.

While a majority of the cars that showed up were modern, the two old school machines who showed up stole the show. There was a pristine looking Austin Heely, and an equally beautiful BMW 2002 Tii.

All in all, there was a really good turn out of over 20 cars, much more then expected. The cars that came included a bunch of VW GTIs (including an R32!), a few BMWs (including a German market E36 M3!), a perfect looking MkI Range Rover, and even a Porsche 911! A bright yellow Ducati also came to represent the two-wheelers. However the car that stole the show for me personally was a beastly Audi RS6. Can you say 4.2L V8 Biturbo??

Although the event is called EuroSunday, now days ALL makes and models are welcomed. As such a couple of Japanese car’s showed up, however the biggest non-Euro was clearly a monster Corvette, tuned by Lingenfelter!

All in all, a great day! The weather was perfect, the cars were awesome, and the company was fun! Hopefully future EuroSunday events will have even bigger turn-outs. I know I’ll continue to show up when I can, even in my Japanese made Subaru. Who knows, I personally might have a Euro of my own in the future. ^_^

Big thanks to Joe from for organizing this get together. And if you’re interested in attending a future event, Joe says he plans on holding one every 4th Sunday of the month (starting on March 28th) and a location to be determined. Head on over to the Hawaii chapter for more info on future events (you gotta register for free first)!

*PS: I know the event is called EuroSunday, but due to Valentine’s day being on a Sunday, this first event was rescheduled for a Saturday. Just to clear up any confusion some of you may have had.

To save space and a shameless plug, check out my FLICKR set for all the pics!


One response to “EuroSunday Photo-Meet

  1. Anonymous February 17, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Epic, though not as epic as EBM!

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