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Add This to the Long List of my Next Car Candidates: 2011 Ford Mustang……V6!?

I know what you’re thinking: the V6s is for girls! Why would you want that over the V8? Read on for the method behind my madness…

Now, I know I talk about my next car about five times a week. And it’s always about five different cars. I’ve told people that for sure the E46 M3 would be my next car. Then I told people I’d be content with an E90 328i. But then I changed my mind and said, no it has to be the 335i. Then (thanks to John…) I’ve been wanting an AMG Mercedes, didn’t care which one, just any AMG. Then I’ve pondered over buying a small car, like the “hopefully” upcoming Fiat 500 Abarth or Ford Fiesta. And then there’s my recent obsession with the 2010 MkVI GTI (more on that in a future post!).
I’ve also told a few people about my “unhealthy” obsession with muscle cars. When the new Camaro came out, I told my self I HAD to have one. I told my dad that I would be happy with the V6 version. He thought I was nuts, and that proper muscles cars have to have a V6. And for the most part, I agree with him. You can’t call it a muscle car without a big stinking V8 up front powering the two back tires. However, the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’m beginning to think that car’s like the Camaro V6 ARENT true muscle cars, but they’re attempting to be in the same category of car’s like the Nissan 370Z and Hyundai Genesis: two-door sport’s coupes.

Which brings me to Ford’s Mustang. I have to admit, I am a Mustang fan. I know I’ve told some people that I’ve always preferred the Camaro, but that was a lie. I was just saying that to justify my reason for wanting to buy a 2010 Camaro, when in fact the only reason I really wanted one was for the way it looks. However, the Mustang I can honestly say was a car I grew up with. I really DID want one when I was little. I had about four or five different car models of Mustangs, and I may have even had a poster. Like I’ve said before, thanks a bit to my dad, I grew up loving muscle cars. And iirc, he was a Mustang man himself, so it’s only natural I’m one as well. I remember when the last-gen Mustang debuted in it’s retro-ish body (in 2005 I believe?). I loved it, but by then I was already deep into the “ricer” scene, so loving muscle cars was a social no-no.
Fast forward to present day, and now being a ricer is no longer cool. I’ve since matured when it comes to my taste in cars, and I’ve learned to appreciate all cars regardless of make or model. I’ve finally began to stop caring what people think, and now I can begin lusting after muscle cars again! It all restarted with the 2010 Camaro, like I said earlier, I wanted one. The Camaro WAS the only muscle car I’d want, because I thought the (now) last-gen Mustang was a bit old looking, and not in a retro way. It’d been 5 years since that body style debuted, and it was getting old. And then the 2010 refresh came out, and oh man I fell in love with the Mustang again. As some of you may know, I work valeting cars for a living, so I drive a bunch of these rentals all the time. And I can tell you that the 2010s are so much more refined than the last-gens. And for some reason, I can’t stop staring at them. Honestly, the pictures don’t do justice. It’s a car you have to see in the metal to truly appreciate.

However, the one problem with the 2010 is that it’s really lacking as far as drive trains. It uses the previous gens V6 and V8, and while that may have been dandy back in 05, it’s not now days. Especially with the Camaro V8 making north of 400HP, and the V6 making 300! Of course, Ford couldn’t let it’s number one rival have that big a power advantage, so unsurprisingly Ford announced that the 2011 Mustangs would be receiving all new V6 and V8s. Now the Mustang finally has the firepower to compete with the Camaro, AND the new chassis is able to hang, and sometimes BEAT the Camaro on a twisty road as well as a straight! The big decider? Weight. The mustang is significantly lighter than the Bow-Tie boys.

Which finally brings me to why I want one. I’ve read the reviews of the 2010 Mustang very closely, and I like what I read. I’ve also (limited I’ll admit) driven a few 2010s, and I can just tell that something feels different. The Mutsang has turned from a car I though was cool, to a car I’d actually like to have! I mean sure, it’ll be trounced by an STI or EVO on a twisty road, but I bring up this point: WE DON’T HAVE TWISTIES ON OAHU! 95% of my driving will be done on the regular streets in traffic. What do I need a canyon carver for? I;d rather have a car that handles well (doesn’t have to be brilliant), has a good amount of power, and looks good on the inside and out. And to me, the Mustang fits the bill. Which brings me to the V8 vs V6. The real reason I prefer the V6 is the price. The V6 is slated to start at around 23K. That’s less then I paid for my Legacy, so I KNOW I can afford it. The V8 is supposed to start at 28-29K. And I know I can’t afford that. So there you go!
There are more reasons then that though. The new V6 is a direct-injected 3.7L making 305Hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough for me. I’m one of those who can honestly say I don’t NEED more. I mean sure, it’d be cool to have 400HP, but I’m such a coward I’d be afraid to use it. I’m even sure 305hp is more then enough for me. Also, the V6 makes a claimed 30mpg highway! I know MPG doesnt really matter with a car like this, but it’s just another benefit (especially because my current Legacy gets an appalling 18mpg, if I’m lucky). Plus, the updated interior is so much better then the old one. I know it’s not as refined as a European cars, but it’s much better then a current Toyotas or Nissans. It’s, for me, a nice place to be. The seats could use some work, but eh small matter.

So yeah, in the end, I will be test-driving a 2011 Mustang when it drops in dealerships around this summer. Either way, I am going to make an attempt to sell the Legacy in the summer, so I hope that the Mustang will be a car I really want………….until the next candidate for my next car makes an appearance (in fact I’ll be blogging about the GTI soon!).

[Hat-Tip to AUTOBLOG for the pics from the LA Show!]


One response to “Add This to the Long List of my Next Car Candidates: 2011 Ford Mustang……V6!?

  1. eseer February 6, 2010 at 8:42 am

    NO! Don’t think about getting one!!! Its american! haha.
    The specs on this car are amazing though. That much power on tap with such good gas mileage… Very innovative, but I still don’t look the cheap plastic look.

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