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My (sort-of) Honda CB1

Well, my adventure on two-wheel’s kinda-sorta begins today: I have acquired this 1990 Honda CB1 as my starter bike. Although the bike won’t be in my possession for a little while. Confused? Read on…

Well, some of you may know I’ve been really wanting to get on a bike for quite some time now. However, I was always waiting for the right bike to come around. My personal preference in bikes leans towards naked-bikes. Bikes like the Suzuki GS500, Suzuki SV650, etc. I had no idea that this Honda CB1 even existed until Sunday however, when my friend from work Rico showed it to me. Rico is my bike guy, and he currently owns an SV650 of his own (which he is selling by the way!). When I first saw the bike, I knew I had to have it. Thing is, I’m short on funds right now, but I knew I couldn’t let the bike get away. Fortunately, Rico wanted it as well, so we came up with a deal: he’d front the money for it and buy the bike, and when he leaves for the mainland in a few months, the bike would become mine. Thing is, Rico has some “back-taxes” and is unable to register the bike to his name, so I volunteered to do it under mine. So basically, I legally own the bike! However Rico will be using it for the time being, which doesn’t matter to me because I still need to learn how to ride anyway.

I know it all sounds kinda fishy, but I trust Rico enough. He’s been riding for awhile now, so I know he’s going to take care of the bike. Meanwhile I have to work on getting my bike license. I’m gonna go get my permit when I have the chance, and eventually take the motorcycle course at LCC (hopefully next month).

A bit about the bike: It’s a 1990 Honda CB1. It’s powered by a 400CC inline-four motor. It’s got a few mods done to it, and it runs good for the most part. Just needs a small tune-up. We got the bike for essentially $500, so I couldn’t pass up the deal for a rare bike I love. To me, I think it’s the perfect size for a beginner like me. I also happen to love the way it looks. I love naked-bikes, because let’s face it, naked is just better if it’s something sexy!

Anyway, I’m really excited to start learning how to ride now, so check back on the blog for my updates!


3 responses to “My (sort-of) Honda CB1

  1. kyushakai January 27, 2010 at 2:41 am

    yo joey, hit me up! i’m always looking for people to ride with! i like to just cruise… i’m too old for stunting/banging turns… haha. nah, i crashed once already learning how to stunt and i almost crashed going 75+ banging the turns on the pali so i’m over that.

    • Joe-Wii January 29, 2010 at 6:46 pm

      Mos def man. I have no intention of stunting and shit, I just want it to cruise around on.

      If you’re ever down! Give me a couple of months and I should have this shit down, haha.

  2. rob March 6, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    i now own this bike and it has had about 1000.00 worth of work and looks a lot better now

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