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Ken Block’s Rally Spec Ford Fiesta

Thoughts after the jump…

Let me start off by saying this: I’m fucking sick of Ken Block. I ‘m tired of  all the press he was getting just because he drives a Subaru. Seriously, has the man ever actually won anything of importance in the rallying world?? I can’t believe the amount of gear he sells to the mind-less Subaru heads. You don’t see Citron shirts flying off the shelves because of Leob do you? I’m all for brand loyalty but seriously, Subaru enthusiasts take it a bit too far sometimes (and for the record, I do not own any Block specific stuff, the only gear I have are the official Subaru Rally Team USA shirts).

That being said, I’m glad he’s getting a shot at the big stage: the World Rally Championship. However, I also know that he’s going to get ANNIHILATED by Leob and the Frenchies. Seriously, until someone proves me wrong, I think Leob is the Micheal Schumacher of the WRC. But hey, if Block beats Leob then I will admit I’m an idiot (well, I already admit I am one) and I was wrong. But I just don’t see him having success on the big stage…

As for the car itself however, DAMN! I love it! It’s not secret that I love the Ford Fiesta. And now seeing it it’s full race suit, man, I want one even more now! I’m also interested in seeing his Focus RS. That’s another car I really want, and can only pray Ford brings it over with the next generation. As for Subaru? Yeah there’s the FT86, but……um……..*yawn*.


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