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My (Not So) New Toy: Canon EOS 20D

So I went and bought a Canon 20D tonight. Yes, I know you’re all going to call me an idiot for wasting my money. But at least hear out my reasoning after the jump…

Well, let me start of by saying the main reason which tempted me to this 20D was cost. It was cheap. I bought the body, three batteries, 4GB CF Card, and extra bag for under $200. I know, there are better ways to spend my money. But come on, you all know ME by now?

Also, I know many others told me to just hold out for a 40D or 50D. And I was going to, but honestly, I feel that this is a sufficient upgrade for the price. AND, I still plan on upgrading, only now that I bought this, I can save up for the camera I really want: 5d or 5dMkII, whichever I’m able to afford at the time.

The body has seen better days, but the camera is in fairly good shape. Also, I’ve been told that the shutter mechanism has been replaced recently, and the new one has like less then a hundred clicks on it. I think this camera will last me another two years, and honestly the only thing I don’t like about it is the tiny LCD screen. Other then that, so far it seems better in every aspect over my 350D. I’m still trying to learn the camera, as it has a few more new functions, and the layout is different then the Rebel series bodies. However, can’t wait to start getting this down! Look forward to more pictures!

Next purchase: An L. ^_^


One response to “My (Not So) New Toy: Canon EOS 20D

  1. kyushakai January 21, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    ahhh man, if all my money wasn’t going into my car, i’d love a camera. it’s kind of lame having to borrow cameras all the time. a good body = rims. lens = suspension. hahaha.

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