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Photo Spotlight: Chad’s Supra and Zach’s Corvette

Two automotive icons come together for todays post from the SMG photoshoot (which seems like AGES ago!).

I went into this shoot expecting to shoot Dylan’s Del Sol and Ian’s WRX. Those were the only two car’s I was expecting. So of course I was rather shocked to learn that a Supra AND Corvette (among others of course!) would be joining us. Credit of course has to go out to Dylan for hooking me and the other SH guys with some awesome cars too shoot that night! Although I have to admit, shooting 7 cars (not including my own of course)  with four photographers at the same time was rather tough! That being said, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Although, *the others probably took better shots (*cough*especially a guy with a 1dMkII!!*cough*).

Let’s get to Zach’s Corvette first. I have to admit straight away: I love Corvettes. And while I’m more of a C6 guy, I have to admit Zach’s C5 is rather nice! And of course, in classic Corvette style, its bright yellow. Because let’s be honest, if you own a car like a Corvette, better to let everyone see it no? I also really like the HRE rims Zach is running. All it takes is a nice set of rims to make the already gorgeous Corvette body look even better!

And now I must apologize, as I don’t remember what else Zach did to the car. Although, maybe he didn’t tell me at all. I DO know that Zach had intentions to enter this car in the upcoming HellaFlush IV event, so I know he has further plans for this beast. Can’t wait to see this American icon at the show!

Speaking of icon, the Toyota Supra is as much an icon in the Japanese car scene as the Corvette is here in the states. Hell, even us American’s and those all over the world recognize the Supra as “Japan’s Corvette”.  As such, it’s only fitting that we have these two automotive icons lined up next to each other on the same night! It seems too poetic to be true! Chad’s Supra looks mean in black, although I have to admit I suck at shooting black cars, so my pics are kinda meh.

Chad’s MKIV Supra doesn’t look like it has much done on the outside, but trust me under the hood is where all the magic happens! This Supra is worked! In classic Supra form, it’s boosted, although again I must apologize as I didn’t get the sticky on the specifics. But really, does it matter? Just looking at both car’s stationery is a treat in its self. I felt really honored that two really cool guys would let me shoot two really cool cars.

Again, thanks must go out to Chad and Zach for coming out and being such good sports! Hopefully this wont be the last time you see this two SMG machines anytime soon! And again, thanks to Dylan for hooking us up!

You can check out more pics here and here at my Flickr!


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