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My Dad’s Camry SE

Just got back from my trip to the Big Island. Finally got to do something I’ve always wanted to, but never got around to: shooting my dad’s wicked looking Camry SE. More pics after the jump!

In case you don’t know, yes my dad is an officer of the law. I forgot exactly how long he’s been in the force, but it’s been awhile now. Anyway, this is my dad’s current ride, a Toyota Camry SE. My dad’s been getting into modifying his car (thanks to influence from me of course!), but kept things simple with this one. Can’t have the police going to crazy now can we??

Right now, the only modification to speak of is a set of genuine TRD drop springs. Factory parts FTW!! He also chose to paint the rims in the same color as the car. I question the look myself as I don’t like black on black, or I think it needs some kinda polished-lip. That being said, I can see the appeal, and you have to admit the color-scheme makes the car look intimidating.

Although I always tease my dad about driving around a grandpa-car, the Camry in SE trim does look good. It sports one of the nicest factory lip-kits out there, and the little things that differentiate an SE from a standard Camry make a difference. The car looks sporty, almost Lexus-ish if I must say.

And while it may not be a full-on sports saloon, the fact remains that the V6 motor can make this car move! Criminals better think twice about trying to out-run this cop!

So if you’re ever on the Big Island, and you see a black Camry behind you, you best slow down! Or give a shaka to my dad, if you’re being nice and lawful! Thanks dad for letting me shoot the car!!

Head over to my FLICKR Set for more higher-res pics!!


4 responses to “My Dad’s Camry SE

  1. marcy January 18, 2010 at 1:06 am

    i always told you the camry is sexy. you always told me it was lame and you hate them. glad you finally came to the other, much greener side. (: toyota ftw!

  2. kyushakai January 19, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    SMEAN!!! what’s the rules as far as police modifying their personal vehicles? i heard they have to use factory parts (hence the g35’s running m45 rims and stuff), but the camaros and mustangs don’t sound like a factory motor…

  3. eseer January 22, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Very nice police car! One I wouldn’t mind seeing on the road (but not in my rear view mirror 😀 )

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