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Photo Spotlight: BMW E46 M3-C

Today’s post features BMW’s E46 version of the venerable M3 sports car. One of my all-time favorite cars!

The E46 M3 is one of my all time favorite cars, so when I heard that friend of the blog Ryan was inviting his friend to the photo shoot, I was secretly excited. And, it just so happens that this particular E46 is one that’s in the unique color Laguna-Seca Blue. Yes, that’s a factory paint option if you’re wondering. Some may not like the color, it certainly is polarizing. But, I happen to like it. It does look better in person I think. That said, I probably wouldn’t get my M3 in this color, and instead opt for some classic German silver or white.

One thing I like about the E46 M3 is that it just looks so…….right. It seems like everything is in proportion. And I also have to say, although I hate them, the E46 looks good as a convertible as well. It may not be a beautiful car, but when you see it, you know what it’s about. And I also happen to think BMW did a perfect job with setting apart the M3 over the standard E46 3 Series cars. It’s not downright flashy (like the E92 is), but if you know what you’re looking for, you can automatically tell it’s an M.

If I continue on, I’ll just keep gushing on about how much I love this car. I have had the privilege of driving one, although not nearly up to its full potential. But I’ve known a couple of guys who’ve owned one, and they as long as the motoring press, think it’s one of the best driver’s cars ever made. And although the E92 M3 is crazy in a good way, I happen to think the E46 is the second best version. And if I ever have the financial means to own an M car, you can BET I’ll pick up an E46. No question. Oh yeah, wondering what I think is the best M3? That’d be the E30 M3 of course. Now I wonder if I’ll ever get to shoot one of those….

Special thanks to the owner for coming out and letting us snap this amazing car. I’m however embarrassed to admit I forgot his name. I know, I’m terrible with names. But, when I find out his name, I’ll post it up! Credit where credits due!!


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