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Top Gear 14×7

I’d like to say Top Gear saved the best for last, but they didnt. That would be last weeks episode. Still, listening to the Lexus LF-A rev for 5 minutes more than makes up for it (and the episode itself wasn’t half bad either)!

The show kicks off with the review of the Lexus LF-A. Typical Top Gear goodness as far as car reviews. I wasn’t sure about the comic book animations at first, but watching it again, it grew on me. As for the car, I wasn’t sure about it either when I first heard about it. But the more I see it (and hear it!), the more I like it. I thought it was a jumbled mess when I first saw it, and while I still think a GT-R is better looking (which isn’t saying much!), the look is growing on me. The interior look is meh though (save of course the digital rev display and all the features with it. That is insanely cool). However, I have the same niggle that Top Gear, and pretty much any other sane person has: it’s TOO damn expensive!! Seriously, you can buy a 599 for the same kind of money, and who in their right mind would choose the LF-A over the 599 (besides stupid Japanese fan-boys)??? I’d buy an Aston DBS AND a BMW M3 for the same money.

However, I can forgive the stupid price for one simple fact: Lexus (or Toyota I should say) has built one of the BEST sounding V10s ever!! It sounds even better than my beloved Lamborghini V10. Oh my god, I had an orgasm about three times during the film, the parts where he downshifts and the throttle blips = that’s it for me! God I love the way that car sounds!!!! Here’s the film:

Jeremy’s test of the BMW X6 was amusing, and it felt so Clarkson. However, I also found it a bit boring. Of course, the fact that I hate the X6 has something to do with that. The last bit where Jeremy goes to Barbados was pretty funny.

I was really looking forward to the review of the Vauxhall (Opel) Insignia VXR. I’ll plainly admit: I like this car. I think it’s really good, and was disappointed that we don’t get it here in the States. And then GM announced their plans of bring the Insignia over as a Buick (they’re giving it the Regal name). Now there’s no official word that the VXR is coming, BUT, I think GM would be STUPID not to. Call it the Regal GNX and call it a day! Which brings me to the question: would you buy a Buick? And my answer? IF most of the cool bits from the VXR survive the trip overseas (like the VXR mode for one, and those AWESOME Recaros), then, YES, I would buy a Buick. I think it’d be like my Legacy, on steroids. I am not ashamed to admit, the Buick Regal is a car I AM looking forward to driving, especially if they bring over the hot version. Anyway, as for the film itself, interesting and entertaining, but not great.

As for the rest of the episode. It had its moments, like Richard smashing into the stage on an electric skateboard.

And Stig fighting Richard for the Golden Cock in the awards ceremony

The episode as a whole was really good (for me Top Gear always is!), but after seeing the Bolivia special, it felt kinda meh. Which again brings me to my point I made last week: Why wasn’t the special the LAST episode of the series (like the Vietnam one was)? Anyway, I’m just really nit-picking here. Top Gear is and forever will be awesome, and I am really bummed that this series is over already.

PS: Top Gear also announced their car of the decade in this episode: the Buggati Veyron. Which also happens to be MY car of the decade choice. So my choice was the RIGHT choice obviously. Great minds really do think alike!

PPS: Did I mention how WIN the LF-A sounds? God I love it!!


4 responses to “Top Gear 14×7

  1. eseer January 4, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Haha, oh how your review is much better than mines x]

  2. monochrome.fav January 4, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    I absolutely love the LF-A! Its funny cuz before i watched this Top Gear, I was thinking about how long i’ve been drooling over this car.. It was when I first saw it and it was almost 10 years ago, then they said it was announced 9 years ago..

    was like “its been too long!” but i am definitely satisfied!

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