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My ‘Car of the Decade’

The good folks over at Autoblog have proposed the question. And of course, my answer: The Buggati Veyron.

Sure, the Veyron is ridiculously expensive. And not very good looking. But IMO, it pushed the performance and engineering bar so high that it may not be touched for quite some time. To me, it’s more then just the (former) worlds fastest production car (and that’s no small title mind you). It is an engineering MASTERPIECE. Do some research about what goes into actually building a Veyron, and it’ll blow your mind. And the finished product creates numbers that boggle the mind. The car is just so over the top that I have a hard time putting anything ahead of it when it comes to this debate. As Jeremy Clarkson put it, this car is truly a “concord moment”.

Need more proof?:

Honorable mention to me also goes out to: Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, and Volkswagen GTI (Mk5).


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