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Top Gear 14×6: Bolivia Special

I know I use the word a lot, but this time I really mean it. This week’s Top Gear was in one word: EPIC.

For those who (myself included) had doubts about the path Top Gear is taking, episode 6 of the current series puts that to rest. This special was probably one of my favorite episodes ever. Better than the Africa special, on par with the Vietnam special, and just a squeak behind the polar expedition. I loved this episode. It had the boys trekking across South America starting in the rain forests of Bolivia, 1000 miles to the Pacific coast in Chile. They would be doing this in three £3500 4x4s. Jeremy, of course, chose a Range Rover, Hammond chose a Toyota Land Cruiser, and James chose some sort of Suzuki. And of course, for £3500, they were all heaps. However, in traditional Top Gear fashion, they all fell in love with them in the end. While the rain forest bits had their moments, most of them funny, I found the best part of the film to be the Altiplano part, because I love alpine scenery. And of course, Top Gear makes it look truly great (even if the boys probably hated that part by the end of the episode. Altitude can really FUCK you up. I know from experience.). Overall, the camera work was great in this film, and of course lulz ensued as well. Some of the highlights of the episode for me:

James falling flat on his face.

James attacking Jeremy with a machete for bumping into him.

Jeremy millimeters from death! Seriously, I was holding my breath at this part!

As I said earlier, the entire trek through the alpine desert (I just love the backdrop, and I seriously want to go there now).

And the final leg to the Pacific, straight down the mountain.

Again, its episodes like this that make me love Top Gear. The comedy, the drama, the epic shots. It’s just a win show. And, especially this episode, you don’t have to be a car nut to appreciate it. It’s these specials that I can point anyone to if they want to get into Top Gear. And this Bolivia one is probably my second favorite episode, right behind the polar special. It was that good for me. And in my opinion, they should have ended the series on this, as I don’t see how they can top it next week!

Speaking of next week, we better get a proper car dammint! The cars themselves have been lacking this series (Audi R8 V10 vs Corvette ZR1 non-withstanding of course!).


3 responses to “Top Gear 14×6: Bolivia Special

  1. eseer December 29, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    this episode was bomb! impressive 🙂

  2. kyushakai December 31, 2009 at 1:00 am

    the land cruiser was the best of the 3. but i guess i’m a little biased towards loving old JDM cars.

    omg, that part where clarkson on the edge was insane! i seriously couldn’t believe the producer/director/clarkson allowed him to even be in that situation!

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