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Top Gear 14×5

The fifth episode of the 14th series of Top Gear ran on Sunday. The main car feature was the Noble M600. And while the car set a blistering time, I feel the same way about this car that I do about the episode as a whole: meh.

The Noble set a time of 1:17:7, which is the fourth fastest time on the board. It’s also faster than the Buggati Veyron, Pagani Zonda F, AND Ferrari Enzo. The time is pretty damn quick, but again I have no real desire for this car like I do with a Pagani or Ferrari. I don’t think it looks very nice, the interior is a whole lot of nothing, and I don’t think it sounds very good as well. To me, speed isn’t everything. It’s a lot, but it’s not everything.

This episode as a whole was a meh-feast as well for me. The car-art segment had its moments (I loved Coulthard blasting Jeremy with paintballs from the Red Bull F1 cars exhaust, that was awesome!), but the piece as a whole was just alright. The news segment was a let down as well, and I was really looking forward to the Christmas presents bit (I found the older ones hilarious). I get the feeling Top Gear is just basically living on the chemistry of the hosts alone, as they seem to be distancing themselves from the cars themselves. I mean I think Top Gear now is still LOADS better than Fifth Gear ever was, but it’s losing something. Maybe it really is nearing “the end”. The Noble M600 review was actually pretty good though (even though I didn’t care for the car itself), and I enjoyed the visuals, especially this shot (which weirdly doesn’t involve the Noble at all!):

I’d love to have this in high-res as a wallpaper!

Overall though, this IS Top Gear, so don’t think for a second I didn’t enjoy it! I guess I’m just hoping for more car features, and less “faffing about”. Anyway, I’ll put up the Noble M600 review, so you can judge for yourself the car and the show:


2 responses to “Top Gear 14×5

  1. Reese December 22, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    dammit, you beat me to it! haha

  2. kyushakai December 23, 2009 at 2:25 am

    much agreed. episode 5 was pretty lame. some moments but definitely not as good as it was before. can’t wait for the next episode though, traveling from one end of south america (was it?) should be awesome. the vietnam season finale a couple seasons ago was pure gold.

    and the noble sucks. i’d rather have a slower car but burns the soul.

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