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A Super-Super-Mini

An Aston Martin super-mini. Where do I sign up?

Okay, not really. Today Aston Martin revealed their bespoke super-mini, The Cygnet, which is based off the Toyota iQ. I’ll be frank: I think it’s ugly. The Aston Martin nose does NOT work on the iQ. And you’re talking to someone who love Astons to death! That being said, the interior is great in my opinion. Check out that ipod/iphone dock integrated into the dash. Awesome stuff! If I could get that bright red leather in burgundy, oh man. Of course, all this is MOOT because this car will almost certainly be too expensive for me. Too bad, because if you read my previous post about my future car, you’ll know I’m almost sold on a super-mini. And what better way to have your cake and shove it in people’s faces too!?

Although with all that said, if I wanted a supercar-maker based super-mini, I’d take this over the Aston in a heartbeat:

Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari


2 responses to “A Super-Super-Mini

  1. eseer December 18, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Have you seen the Lexus LF-Ch?
    I’ll try to get some pics up; thing looks pretty niffty!

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