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Driving the Titanic

In case you’re wondering, my daily driver is a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT. Dont get me wrong, it’s a great car, but more and more I’m begining to think I made the wrong choice….

Let’s get straight to the point: It feels too big!!! When I went from my Impreza, I didn’t think the difference in size would be too noticeable. But my god, this thing feels huge sometimes. This brings me to a confession I have to, but am reluctant to make: I am NOT the worlds best driver! I’m not even what some would call a good driver. There, I said it! Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll explain why I don’t like driving the Legacy in traffic. I feel frightened sometimes. I still haven’t got the depth perception down in the Legacy. Driving on a multi-lane highway, I squeam every time a regular sized truck pulls up on the side of me. And I cant tell you how much times I’ve hit a curb taking a turn because I thought the car was smaller then it is. The point is, the Legacy, while being a great car, may not be the right car for a bad driver like me.

So my solution to this problem? Well, I’m stuck with the Legacy for at least another year, then maybe I’ll try to sell it. What will I get after? I’m really leaning towardsa couple of current and future super-minis coming to the market in the next couple of years. Here’s some of my choices:

2009 Honda Fit

I’ll be honest: I love super-minis. They’re small and simple, and some of them are genuinely fun to drive. And to me, that’s what it’s all about. I love a fire-breathing Lamborghini as much as the next guy, but I would NEVER daily drive a Gallardo, especially here in Hawaii. I really think more people need to give superminis a chance. And of course, the daddy right now is the Honda Fit. Looks good, drives well, and is relatively cheap, considering all the stuff you get as standard. And just look at it in Mugen trim! Cant go wrong IMO. One note, out of my three current choices, the Fit is the only one I’ve actually driven.

2010 Ford Fiesta

I have to say, I’ve been fairly impressed with the blue oval as of lately. The seem to be taking strides to improve their image. I just wish the American public would get their heads out of their asses and take notice. The new Fusion, great car. The new Taurus SHO, great car. The new Mustang, in my personal opinion great car, but that may mostly be due to my muscle car love. And then we come to the upcoming Ford Fiesta. According to our friends across the pond, this is a great little car, and probably one of the, if not THE best to drive in class. Where do I sign up? Seriously, if Jeremy Clarkson loves it, I want to at least try it out. And say what you will, I think it looks good.

2011(?) Fiat 500 Abarth
Ah yes, those who know me personally know I love this little Fiat. And I was super-stoked to hear we were getting it stateside!! Why do I love the Fiat? I honestly have no idea really. I just know, I see it, I want it. I’ve always wanted to have a taste of that Italian “passion” myself. And plus, it’s small, like really small. Perfect for me! I put 2011, but in reality, I have no idea when (or even IF really), this little Fiat will hit US shores. All I know is when it does, I AM test driving one.

Anyway, those are three cars I am SERIOUSLY considering buying whenever I have the opportunity to offload my Legacy. That being said, if there’s a chance I can pick up a car like an E46 M3, then all of this is MOOT. But in the long run, I think I’m better off with a car like one of these. If you have any other suggestion, feel free to comment them!


5 responses to “Driving the Titanic

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  2. enoezam December 19, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I kinda like mini’s. An To Aru was a great show.

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